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6 March 2024

Microlearning: What type of learner is it for?

You have undoubtedly noticed that many companies are now turning to shorter learning methods? With the rise of digital technologies and social media, learning habits are evolving considerably. Learners now prefer short and interactive formats, tailored to their fragmented attention and need for flexibility. By opting for more condensed virtual learning methods, companies can respond more quickly to changing market requirements and adjust their training goals more effectively!

Microlearning comes into play, but what does it really involve? What are its advantages compared to other e-learning training approaches?

Flexibility & autonomy

With microlearning, there’s no need to fuss over long learning modules anymore! Sessions are short, between 5 and 15 minutes, perfect for fitting into a busy schedule. Learners can access them anytime, anywhere, for total freedom! These short capsules also allow for easy reference if needed.

Engagement & high retention of learning

Were you aware that microlearning courses have an impressive average knowledge retention rate of 70% to 90%, far surpassing the measly 15% retention rate of traditional learning methods? Thanks to modules focused on specific subjects, individuals undergoing training can improve targeted skills more rapidly. The newly acquired knowledge should also be applied more quickly. Content in the form of videos, quizzes, or simulations makes learning fun and engaging!

Affordable & adaptable

Microlearning can be a cost-effective solution for companies, as it requires fewer resources and time compared to traditional learning programs. According to statistics, microlearning has the potential to cut development costs by 50% and boost development speed by 300%. Moreover, knowing that adaptations and changes are frequent, with this online training method, content modifications are greatly simplified!

Microlearning is an effective approach to providing knowledge and skills in a practical and relevant manner, tailored to our constantly evolving modern world where time is precious.

If you have recognized benefits that would be advantageous to you, microlearning is probably the right approach for your online training projects!


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