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Brandon Hall Award - Gold - pardeux and BDC 2023
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Brandon Hall Silver for pardeux team 2021
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Our services

Our mission

Get to the core of knowledge and create a training where your learners develop their skills efficiently, while staying engaged and captivated through the use of technological tools and targeted adult learning processes.

Our mission

Our offer

  • Serious Games (gamification, challenge, contest)/
  • Varied Strategies / Combined Training
  • Online Training /
  • Virtual/Augmented Reality /
  • Mobile-First Training /
  • Storytelling / Case Studies /
  • Virtual Classroom / Training Solutions  

We craft tailored interactive experiences that meet YOUR training needs.

Our services

Our vision

At pardeux we know that adults learn better when they accomplish concrete tasks. To maximize application of skills in the work environment, meaningful and realistic activities are required. That is why we recommend interactive activities based on real-life situations, presented through micro-learning, follow-ups throughout the training, and practical tools.

Our method

Analyze your training needs

The first fundamental step to any project is knowing some basic information: what the need for training is, what the company goals are, who the learners are, and what their learning context is. From there, we can start transforming your business objectives into a unique made-to-measure training program.

Create tailored solutions

Adult education experts, our Instructional Designers work closely with your Subject-Matter Experts: through collaborative exchanges they single out ambitious learing outcomes, as well as the most appropriate educational approach for your target audience.

Build impactful and stimulating training using gamification and storytelling

Our Interactive Storyboard Writers include gaming mechanisms and use the power of storytelling to the training they design for an optimal, unforgettable experience!

Develop a wide variety of multimedia products

More audiovisual medias, less on-screen text! Our Designers make sure your learners are immersed in a modern, innovative and clean-lined environment which reflects your values, your reality, and your image. Thanks to our multimedia experts, we can create high-quality interactive experiences which allow a smooth and efficient learning.

Broadcast the training

All our training programs are compliant with the most up to date norms in the e-learning world. If you need a platform to host and manage your training programs, have a look at uxpertise, our very powerful Learning Management System.


Looking for fresh ideas?

Whether you’re looking for innovative and engaging training ideas, new and exciting tech developements, or simply to discover what wonders your investments can yield for your team, this is the perfect place for inspiration!

Serious games and Gamification

How do you handle difficult, dry subject matter, weighty or critical questions in eLearning and give them their proper standing, while keeping the people they are meant for engaged?
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Branching Scenarios, When and Why?

Branching scenarios are particularly well-suited to learning about interpersonal relations, decision-making skills, problem-solving and crisis management, where decisions have to be made under pressure and have far-reaching consequences.
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le curseur

Onboarding of new employees

for Nutrinor coopérative

Asynchronous Training / Animation / Open Course / Soft Skills / Explanatory Videos

Nutrinor wanted to provide an onboarding process for new employees that is entirely asynchronous. Several modules can be completed in the desired order, consisting of videos, animations, and interactive segments to enable active learning!

Tendering for public contracts

For Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation du Québec

Zest / Narrative universe and storytelling / Illustrations / Accessibility (WCAG 2.1 AA standards)

Your mission for this game-like training: set off on an adventure to find the much-coveted treasure, a contract following a call for tender. To do so, you’ll need to form a team, and together, plan and write a tender. Will you succeed and win the contract you covet?

Grab your bike and hit the road!

for Tourisme Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean

Zest / animation

To support tourism in the region the training we have developed enables industry players to better accompany visitors on their cycling activities. How to better advise people, which routes to recommend to enhance their stay, what to do, where to go to make the most of their time in the region – and to make them want to come back! Simple, fun, and engaging, this training is part of a series of courses designed for the regional tourism industry.

Dive into the world of Industry 4.0


Unity / immersive experience / virtual reality / Oculus

You have to see it… or experience it to believe it! See the potential of Industry 4.0 for your business, through virtual reality. What better way than to manipulate your environment and discover what’s possible? This training course gives business owners a glimpse of what their environments and processes could look like as they make the leap to Factory 4.0. Productivity, profitability, process optimization and the use of cloud computing are just some of the aspects greatly enhanced by this technology.

Sustainable development goals

for Evol

Storyboarding / Animation / Learning Path / Storyline

Several analyses and findings reveal that key notions and knowledge in the field of sustainable development have become essential. The pandemic situation and the lack of time of entrepreneurs greatly influenced our client to turn to an asynchronous online microlearning solution. To meet the objectives of this training, we provided several of our services, including instructional design and coaching of subject matter experts, motion design animation, and the creation of 25 podcasts no less.

Sales and supervision online e-learning

for Détail Québec

Learning Path / Zest / Mobile / Animation / Illustration / Storyboarding

Because of COVID-19 and hiring challenges in the current labor market, Détail Québec helped in developing the workers’ skill sets in the retail sector by offering customized training solutions that can be accessed remotely, at any time. Twenty short capsules have been created for the specific needs of an audience that doesn’t have much time. Realistic scenarios are complemented by interactive activities that build on the learner’s know-how, while providing an engaging and safe environment that is conducive to learning.

Cybersecurity and IT Risk Prevention

for Solutions GC2M

Zest / Animation / Micro-learning / Humour

A company: Forester, Sylvestri &Co; employees: Adele, Sam, Richard, and Luis. This is the immersive universe imagined for this training. A pre-test lets learners self-assess, a playful path that can be explored freely puts learners at the heart of everyday situations pertaining to a host of cybersecurity notions, tips, and tricks. A post-test measures progress. An illustrative approach, visually minimalist, ensures that the micro-learning modules support the learning to be achieved.

Reading for fun

for Réseau réussite Montréal

Animation / 2D / Illustrations / Scenarisation

Félix et Rachida, personnages créés pour les besoins de cette formation, nous emmènent dans l’univers du plaisir de la lecture. Par ces personnages animés et par le storytelling qui a été imaginé pour soutenir l’apprentissage, notre client a su atteindre ses objectifs.

Everybody on the Bus!

for Camo-Route


Élodie teaches the learners about behavior management onboard schoolbus. Through animated case studies, Pierre gets entangled in various quirky situations. Learners must help him by answering questions and making decisions on how to best react to the children’s behavior. The training also includes podcasts during which learners can see interviews with kids telling the audience what they appreciate in their schoolbus driver.

Rally Across Canada, Marketing Style

for BDC

zest / gamification / game / storytelling / path / illustration

This unique learning path is inspired by car rallies. In a competitive setting the learners are in the driver’s seat of their learning process: they have to do better than other virtual drivers and collect points, add more fans, earn money, pick up tools and access advice from their coach. pardeux and BDC are long-time partners and together they have created many interactive trainings.

Safe Tree-Trimming on the Distribution Network

for Hydro-Québec


Avoiding human injuries and power disruptions on the Hydro-Québec electric network is achieved by applying Health and Safety Best Practices. This mobile-first training puts the learners in the midst of real-life scenarios where quick thinking and fast response times are key to their safety. 360-photographs and true-to-life videos were taken for the specific needs of this training, providing as close an experience as possible to what the learners encounter in their daily activities.

Welcome to Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean!

for Tourisme Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean


Visiting Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean is a must. Welcoming visitors and enhancing the sight-seeing experience are the tow pillars of this training. Moving from point to point on the interactive map, learners visit the points-of-interest of the region, thus completing the 4 modules of the training. Each location is and immersive and unforgettable experience.

Psychosocial Factors



This training uses the mountain hiking metaphore to lead learners through trails, lookouts, and finally, reaching the summit at the end of the climb. 11 modules make up this training which uses case studies, interactive activities and medias such as photographs, illustrations and animations. Job aids are provided so that learners can download and edit them, allowing customization of their progression and support with their ongoing tasks.


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