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Our passion is to inspire and help you reach your business goals through a rich learning experience, being E-LEARNING or a combination with traditional learning tools. Tuned to your needs, we differentiate ourselves through careful needs analysis, efficient pedagogy, and transparent and efficient project management. pardeux strives to offer a tailor made service while delivering innovative and novelty marked learning products.


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pardeux’s online training reinforces learning through interaction, feedback, gaming, collaboration, knowledge building and validation.

hybrid/mixed strategy

pardeux produces mixed learning pathways that combine e‑learning and one-on-one, in-class (classroom, coaching, tutoring, etc.) or virtual (webinar, online conference, etc.). The mixed formula responds to all learner profiles and optimizes learning, using both the benefits of technology and personal assistance.


Creator of multisensory environments, pardeux designs interactive systems for the performance, museum and advertising domains. By creating and combining 2D and 3D animations, film clips, touch applications, and projections, pardeux and its team create unforgettable experiences.

365° Approach

pardeux pardeux creates customized learning pathways, taking into account your needs, goals, target audience and budget.

Following our analysis, we suggest perfectly adapted solutions.

OUR CUSTOM platform

Portal dedicated to professional training, uxpertise offers a streamlined and user-friendly interface for complete management of the training cycle.

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uxpertise is the perfect tool for training management. Simple to use, customizable and user-friendly, it fully meets our needs. The customer service is impeccable


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Our Team

Our team comprises some twenty experts: instructional designers, writers, integrators, programmers, managers, designers that support and inspire you to make your project a success.

Instructional Designer



Graphic Designer

Multimedia Integrator
and Programmer

Technician and Editor

Translator and Reviser

Narrator, Musician
and Actor

Project Manager

Account Manager



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