July 2, 2014

What Is m-Learning?

Posted by IN

m-Learning (mobile learning) is a concept of its time that is gaining popularity. Its concept? To learn anywhere through training modules available on handheld computers, tablet PCs, smart phones and laptops.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime
Because portable devices are always at hand, it is easy to learn at times and in places that weren’t previously conducive to learning. This flexibility enables studying during a break at work, in a waiting room or in public transit. Why not take advantage of these moments to review an element of the course?

Just-in-time Learning
m-Learning enables learners to rapidly access relevant information when they need it so it can immediately be applied to solve a problem or in a given situation. This “to the point” approach has the advantage of providing a customized learning environment and saving valuable time.

Field Learning
Gone are the days when learning was confined to a classroom. Mobile technology is now open to the world and allows learners to view their training content on the go. Users of mobile devices are more than ever able to learn in context, whether they are tourists inquiring about a monument or work of art in front of them or a student of natural sciences using the tablet to find a geological specimen during an excursion!

Adapted Learner Support
Thanks to technologies such as text expansion, voice recognition, voice synthesis and geolocation, mobile devices can significantly improve the learning process of students with disabilities.

Complement to Traditional Training Tools
m-Learning enhances and / or completes an already established learning path. It offers an additional resource or can serve as extra documentation. Access to information must be simple and practical, shareable and fun, suitable for a wide audience.

In a world where everything evolves faster and faster and where connectivity and access to information are more critical than ever, there is no doubt that the learning opportunities offered by mobile technology offer a practical and technological solution to various training problems faced by modern businesses.

With m-learning, learning is literally at our fingertips!

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