March 10, 2014

Is a Hybrid Course for You?

Posted by IN

Are you reluctant to swap your traditional training format for an entirely online method? What if you could get the best of both worlds by incorporating remote work or discussion sessions with training led by an experienced trainer? This is exactly what the hybrid method offers: a formula that combines the flexibility of computer-aided work with the structured and human side of in-class teaching.

The advantages of a hybrid course have been proven. Portions conducted individually allow for a wide variety of learning styles while freeing up class time that can be used for discussions or workshops. Traveling is also reduced and the online method fosters dialogue with peers or with the instructor outside of the classroom. The hybrid mode is perfectly suited to ensure a smooth transition to e-learning, provided it meets your training needs.

Is a hybrid course for you? Here is a decision-making tool to help you decide:

(in favour of a hybrid solution)
Participants are geographically dispersed or have variable schedules.
Participants are comfortable with the basic features of a computer.
The training includes portions that are well suited to autonomous work (theoretical readings, research, exercises, group work, etc.).
You wish to facilitate discussions and data sharing outside of course periods.
You plan to use various content sources (videos, articles, external links, and peer content).
The training requires a personalized learning path.
You would like to compile or locate certain responses or data.
Travel and room hire costs are currently high.
The trainer is willing to adapt his course plan to the new method.
You have resources to accompany and assist the trainer with the hybrid training process.