January 7, 2014

Getting the Year Off to a Good Start…

Posted by IN

The Holidays are now over… Although we repeat time and time again that it’s the thought that counts, we are forced to admit that Santa isn’t always spot on. Who hasn’t received the newest gadget on the market to have it end up in the garage right out of the package, or an expensive contraption whose tens of functionalities still elude us, or even a hat you’re not too crazy about although it was gifted to you with Grandma’s best intentions?

Whoever embarks on an e-learning adventure is exposed to the same risk: that of producing a training that will eventually be forgotten, despite all the invested efforts, time and money. As attractive and modern as it can be, online training is useless if the people for whom it is intended do not adhere to it. Do its educational goals meet the needs of the professionals it was conceived for? Is its formula suited to their schedule, their browsing habits, and their graphical preferences? Does it generate observable changes in the learners and within the organization?

pardeux is starting the new year by offering to shed light on these questions. We invite you to check back here regularly to satisfy your technological curiosity and learn about what makes e-learning our expertise and passion!