Addressing Adult Learners in e-Learning

Several of you have noticed the use of the term “adult education” in our communications. How is this concept different from pedagogy, you ask yourself? The andragogical model applies principles relating to adult education and differs from the traditional school model. It aims to create a learning environment adapted to […]

My first virtual classroom

If you teach or you’re responsible for training, perhaps you’ve already thought about taking the leap into the virtual world. We have tried to answer some questions you might ask yourself. Will content need to be modified? Most of the content will be maintained, but it will probably be necessary […]

Encounter of the Third Kind: The Virtual Guide

They reassure us, annoy us. They guide us through our learning path or make us want to lose them along the way. Virtual guides, or virtual coaches, the avatars that follow users in a number of online courses leave no one indifferent. Judicious use of these learning aids will make all the difference between a helping presence or… an irritating one.

Is a Hybrid Course for You?

Are you reluctant to swap your traditional training format for an entirely online method? What if you could get the best of both worlds by incorporating remote work or discussion sessions with training led by an experienced trainer? This is exactly what the hybrid method offers: a formula that combines the flexibility of computer-aided work with the structured and human side of in-class teaching.

3 Preconceptions about Serious Gaming

Are you having doubts about integrating serious gaming to your training plan? The following might make you change your mind!

Getting the Year Off to a Good Start…

The Holidays are now over… Although we repeat time and time again that it’s the thought that counts, we are forced to admit that Santa isn’t always spot on. Who hasn’t received the newest gadget on the market to have it end up in the garage right out of the package, or an expensive contraption whose tens of functionalities still elude us, or even a hat you’re not too crazy about although it was gifted to you with Grandma’s best intentions?