Narrating in e-Learning: When and How?

How can you decide to use narration within your project? Will it have a clear educational purpose or are you adding it “just because”? When? Various Reasons for Using Narration Provided narration is properly employed, it can add value to your training project. Support the Needs of the Target Audience […]

What Is m-Learning?

m-Learning (mobile learning) is a concept of its time that is gaining popularity. Its concept? To learn anywhere through training modules available on handheld computers, tablet PCs, smart phones and laptops. Learn Anywhere, Anytime Because portable devices are always at hand, it is easy to learn at times and in […]

Which Visual Approach Should You Use to Optimize Your e‑Learning Training?

The graphic orientation is composed of several elements including layout, colors, fonts and media used to represent content and concepts. A good visual approach can transform an ordinary course into a meaningful and memorable experience. With the variety of media available out there, how can you make the right choice?

Captivate 7: What’s New?

Well known in the world of online training, Adobe Captivate is an authoring tool that allows you to easily transform your presentations into interactive e-learning content. You can thus create software demonstrations, simulations and quizzes without any prior programming knowledge.