January 15, 2014

3 Preconceptions about Serious Gaming

Posted by IN

Are you having doubts about integrating serious gaming to your training plan? The following might make you change your mind!


“ A game can never replace real training. ”

Serious gaming is training. Founded upon the principle of active learning, it provides a practice-based training experience that not only enhances the knowledge required to carry out a specific task, but also develops the behaviour, reactions and reasoning essential to its success.

“ It does not address serious or complex issues. ”

Serious gaming is now used in several industries such as health, education, trade and even the armed forces. It allows players to take risks and to assess consequences in a highly realistic yet controlled environment. Immediately obtained feedback enables them to meaningfully and sustainably correct and strengthen their practices.

“ Serious gaming is not suitable for adult professionals. ”

Training preferences of adult learners tend to be closer to serious gaming than they are to traditional learning. Having acquired field experience during their career, learners demand training that focuses on practical tasks that meet their specific professional needs. Increasingly adaptive, these new learning models offer them a customized, highly interactive and stimulating experience.